Bella Story


Blue Sharpie? Nope, lipstick!

The main reason I wanted to Blog was to share some of the best stories ever told (ok, that is my opinion, but seriously, these stories are funny!)  Many of my friends will text, call or email if they are having a bad day and ask for a Bella Story.  I am usually pretty quick to oblige!  Here is the most recent Bella Story…

     Bella has been on a crusade.  Easter is 10 long days away.  She is 13 and seems to believe in the Easter Bunny yet, she is on a mission to find her basket.  10 days might as well be 10 years in her mind.  I am in the kitchen cooking, watching Dr. Phil and probably checking Radar Online for the latest celebrity gossip.  Bella goes into the basement with a tote bag.  No big deal.  Her brother is downstairs saving the world on the Xbox.  Bella comes back upstairs and heads up to her room.  I hear her drop her collection of Mardi Gras necklaces that are tied together to make a long rope down the laundry chute.  This is nothing new.  Many dolls and toys have been dropped into the chute only to be rescued by Bella.  I can hear the beads in the chute and can hear the “rope” going down the chute.  Bella goes back to the basement and then back upstairs.  None of this is surprising.  The girl is on a mission.  This goes on for a while…upstairs, downstairs, beads in the laundry chute…  My husband gets home and we all eat dinner.

     Later in the evening, I go downstairs to walk on the treadmill.  Blake is saving the world and I am reading Janet Evanovich.  Bella comes downstairs and wanders into the other side of the basement.  The side where the Christmas tree is stored, the patio furniture, old photos and possibly my Milli Vanilli concert t-shirt from 1989…but I digress.  Unbeknownst to me, my little detective has been locating her loot for her basket, transferring items into her totebag which is tied to the bead rope and then pulled upstairs so that she can hide her stash in her room.  I catch her mid-transfer and she is completely caught off guard!  It took all my energy to not break into giggles.  I send her upstairs to get her loot and she comes back down with quite a stash.  She must have been planning this mission for a while!  I hand the stash to my husband and quietly ask him to re-hide these items while I distract/redirect Bella.  Well, hubby is obviously not the mastermind he thought he was and only 1 hour later, I found the suitcase that my husband had stowed the items in.  The suitcase was left empty in the hallway and the stash is hidden away again in Bella’s room.  Mission Impossible?  I think Tom Cruise better watch his back!


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