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Can I cheer, too?


Bella and her uniform!

     When school started, Bella asked her classroom teacher when cheerleading try-outs were.  Bella is currently “hooked” on the Goonies and acts the movie out. She believes she is Andy (the cheerleader).  The teacher spoke to the cheerleading coach and arranged for Bella to be the “manager”.  She went to her first practice and she was so excited.  Se then began demanding her uniform.  She was all about the skirt.  The next week I spoke to the coach about Bella wanting the uniform.  She talked to the principal that said Bella could order the warm-ups, shoes and bow, but the uniforms are for “team” only (football managers don’t get uniforms…blah blah blah).

So, after practice, Bella got her backpack from the classroom and I explained to the coach how much it would mean to her to look and dress like the rest of the team.  Coach said she would try again.  Bella had tutoring after school and later in the evening I called her downstairs to run to the store.  Guess what she was wearing?  Yup, the WHOLE uniform.  When she went back into the room to get her backpack, there was a full uniform on the teacher’s desk.  Bella put it in her backpack deciding it must be her’s.  I explained that we had to take it back and that it was not her’s (not before taking a pic of her though!).  I sent the pic to her coach and teacher telling them I doubted anyone else ever wanted to fit in bad enough that they would um, “borrow” a uniform!

I walked Bella into school the following morning to return the uniform.  The teacher, coach and guidance counselor had met and decided that it was SOCIALLY APPROPRIATE for Bella to get the uniform like the other girls and she would be working on her social GOALS because of it!  She came home beaming Friday with HER uniform!  She wore it the rest of the day, slept with it tucked in her bed and wore it all day Saturday.  She even did her chores while wearing it.  So, I guess my girl is a cheerleader.  MY GIRL IS A CHEERLEADER!  Holy Shit Batman!